Life Of David Park Barnitz

Samuel Barnitz Biography

“"Dr. Barnitz was married a second time, to Eliza Park, of Martin's Ferry, O[hio?]., who now resides in Philadelphia with … ”

Assortment of Pics of Barnitz's Father

“Samuel B. Barnitz as a young man in 1861, facing page 35. … ”

Barnitz's Father

“ … ”

Barnitz's Parents

“ … ”

Barnitz's Church

“ … ”

Barnitz's House

“ … ”

Letter from Barnitz to Publisher

David Park Barnitz

“Sir― I have the impression of having seen somewhere a metrical translation of Les Trophees of Heredia, with the name of your … ”

David Park Barnitz Dead

“We were shocked to-day to learn of the death of David Park Barnitz, son of Rev. S. B. Barnitz, D. … ”

Picture of William Doxey

“ … ”

Obituary of Samuel Bacon Barnitz

“IN MEMORIAM Although the health of the Board, its Secretaries, and the laborers in the field has been generally good, yet … ”

The 'Harvard Advocate' staff, 1899

“ … ”

Endpages of Brennan's copy of "The Book of Jade"

Joseph Payne Brennan

“David Park Barnitz, the author of this book, was born In Wheeling, West Virginia, June 24, 1878, the son of … ”

Barnitz's graduation from Midland College

“Harvard College Library Cambridge Mass, Dec 30 1899 Midland College, Atchison Kansas Please let me know if you confirmed in 1897, A.B upon David … ”

1905 Letter from Barnitz's Younger Brother

Fred Barnitz

“1898 Barnitz DP Broad Street Station Phila PA passenger Dept. P.R.R. My Dear Sir:- Your letter of Feb 2nd regarding the death of my brother … ”

Obituary of Barnitz

“David Park Barnitz was born In Wheeling, West Virginia, June 24, 1878, and in Infancy consecrated to God in Holy … ”

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