Letter from Barnitz to Publisher

David Park Barnitz

Between pages 52 and 53, The Book of Jade, Beinecke Library, Yale:
A three-page letter from Barnitz to his publisher, in cursive:

I have the impression of having seen somewhere a
metrical translation of Les Trophees of Heredia, with the
name of your firm on the title page. Kindly let me know if
this is so, and if so whether the book is yet to be had.
I have received the twelve copies of my book and I have to say
that I am very much pleased with the care you have given to [end page one]
its printing, and with the result. The result is entirely
admirable, the square form, the title-page, and the cover
are particularly novel and happy.

I shall be glad to hear from you whenever desirable of
the impression made by the book; but I do not care to
subscribe to a clipping agency, as I shall see all the
magazines, and I do not want to see the newspapers.
It is not necessary to remind you that I [end page three]
wish my anonymity strictly preserved for the present.

Very truly yours,
Park Barnitz

To Doxey's
New York

[end page two]

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Letter page 2

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