Samuel Barnitz Biography

Samuel Baron Barnitz: Missionary and Western Secretary: An Appreciation
German Literary Board,
Burlington, IA,

"Dr. Barnitz was married a second time, to Eliza Park, of Martin's Ferry, O[hio?]., who now resides in Philadelphia with her son and daughter. Two sons were born of this second union, David Park Barnitz, who died at the age of twenty-three years, preceding his father to the heavenly rest by a few months, and Frederic Bacon Barnitz, who resides with his mother.

"The domestic and family history of Dr. Barnitz has scarcely been touched [in this volume], since these matters belong to the private life into which the church has little right to enter [HA! Yeah, right!]. At every point Dr. Barnitz was the same loyal, devoted man, affectionate father, and noblest citizen. There is one word which might be applied to him with all the force of its meaning, and that word is loyalty." (PARSON 198-99) (Is "loyalty" one of the words the dead-mummies utter, along with "honor" and "love", in The Book of Jade?)

Parson is quoting Rev. John A. Wirt, D.D., St. John's Lutheran Church, Des Moines, from his funeral oration on Rev. Samuel B. Barnitz:

"…From the meeting of the General Synod in Des Moines a decline in Dr. Barnitz's health was quite noticeable. The sudden death of his eldest son was a severe shock. From this time the dissolution of his earthly house was perceptible. Patiently he bore his last sickness. His hope brightened and his faith became stronger as he approached 'the river's brink.' He had his home set in order so that when the final hour came he was able to say, 'the time of my departure is at hand.' Hopefully he entered into that rest which was prepared for him and all those who love the Lord Jesus Christ. The beautiful life of this great missionary will live and continue to influence the church until Christ's kingdom shall fully occupy our country.

We commend the bereaved family to the love and helpfulness of Him who said, 'I will be a father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows.'" (PARSON 132-33)

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