Mais Moi je Vis la Vie en Rouge

David Park Barnitz

Your soul is like a purple flower,
     Mary, whose eyes are amethyst,
     Whose lips are like red wine when kist,
With sweet life and sweet death for dower;
There are who will have none of these,
     Who walk in peace all day upright,
And in the night pray on their knees
     The pleasures of the life in white.

All cloth'd with virtues manifold
     Are these their souls are like white snow;
     Fair love, around thy heart I know
My heart is bound with chains of gold.
Sweet youths whose life is in the spring,
     The water is all wine they drink,
They sorrow not at anything
     The pleasures of the life in pink.

Your gold hair's like an aureole,
     Your lips are gold wine bought and sold,
     Pure golden kisses bought for gold;
Each breast is like a golden bowl.
These things are for a scorn to those
     That read great books both night and day,
That say, Joy dieth as the rose
     The pleasures of the life in gray.

Sweet youths, white ladies, scholars sour,
     Rejoice, and hasten on your way;
     Mary, whose skin is white as whey,
Your soul is like a purple flower.

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