Autumn Burial

David Park Barnitz

The moon shone full that night,
And fill'd with misty light
The solemn clouds hung white
     Above her pall;
Waiting the golden dawn
The silent woods stood wan,
While through their aisles mov'd on
     Her funeral.

Palely their torches flare,
While rob'd in white they bear
Her corpse that was most fair
     Of them that die,
By sleeping forests tall
And woods funereal
Through the decaying fall
     Beneath the sky.

The orbed moon looks down
Upon her golden crown,
From put the forest brown
     The wood-things stare;     
The holy stars behold
Her woven hair of gold,
And slumbering and cold
     Her bosom bare.

The moon shines full o'erhead,
And they with bowed head
About her body dead
     In silence stand;
There where no foot hath trod
They bury her with sod
Alone with only God
     In all the land.

Tall forests stand around
About her grassy mound
And over all the ground
     Lie shadows hoar.
She'neath the passing moon
Sees not the shadows strewn
Sunk in her golden swoon

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